Jake laux

Jake Laux

Jake Laux

MIT class of 2014

Pledge class of 2014

Hometown: Genesee, WI

Activities: Football, Wrestling
Hobbies: Lifting weights, video games, trolling

Favorite Quote: "You don't become great by accident." - Bob McGinn
Favorite Movie: The Prestige
Favorite Pro Team: Green Bay Packers
Favorite College Team: MIT Engineers

Bio: I'd like to become a government official at some point, so that when I tell someone it's my way or the highway, both end up being my way.

Majors: 5, 15
Concentration: 14

Big Brother: Chase Olle
Little Brothers: Nicholas Anaya
Positions Held: Vice President & Risk Manager (Feb 3, 2013 - Feb 4, 2014)