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Doug Nmagu

Doug Nmagu

MIT class of 2014

Pledge class of 2015

Hometown: Lanham, Maryland

Activities: Football, NSBE, ASA, AIChE, BSU, BWA
Hobbies: Cars, football, basketball, shoes

Favorite Quote: "If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself."
Favorite Movie: Dark Knight
Favorite Pro Team: Washington Redskins
Favorite College Team: University of Miami

Bio: I was born and lived in Washington D.C for 10 years. I moved to Maryland afterwards where I attended Eleanor Roosevelt High School. I am the second youngest out of six children(4 sisters, 1 brother).

Majors: 10

Big Brother: Aaron Prindle
Little Brothers: Cosma Kufa
Positions Held: House Steward (Sep 15, 2013 - Feb 4, 2014)