Geoffrey hegg

Geoffrey Hegg

Geoffrey Hegg

MIT class of 2016

Pledge class of 2016

Hometown: Devon, PA

Activities: Football, Theater
Hobbies: Music, Video Games, Board Games
Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump
Favorite Pro Team: Philadelphia Eagles
Favorite College Team: MIT Engineers

Bio: I grew up in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia. I love all aspects of football, playing and watching it. I play offensive line for the Engineers. Other than football my other passion is singing and theater. I'm a fairly easy going and nice guy and will help when needed. I'm looking to major in Course 6-3 (Computer Science)

Majors: 6-3
Concentration: Theater
Extracurricular Activities: Musical Theatre Guild
Internships: Walle Live Wallpaper

Pledge Project: Lights on the roof
Big Brother: Evan Tencer
Positions Held: Pi Fall 2014, New Member Educator (Aug 25, 2014 - Dec 7, 2014)