Contacting DKE

President: Daniel Monagle '20
Contact For: Major issues; Issues Relevant to entire house

Vice President: Kevin Lyons '20
Contact For: Minor house related issues, risk management questions.

Risk Manager: Charles Magaw '21
Contact For: Any serious issues; anything pertaining to risk

Treasurer: Matthew Beveridge '20
Contact For: Financial issues

House Manager: Christopher G Mauck '20
Contact For: Issues pertaining to upkeep of the house

Social Chair: Benjamin Delhees '21
Contact For: Social event planning

Rush Chair: Samuel Gantman '21
Contact For: Issues pertaining to Rush

Community Service Chair: Evan Gwozdz '22
Contact For: Community service events

Webmaster: Luke Luneau '19
Contact For: Issues pertaining to the website

Alumni Relations Chair: Mark Wright '21
Contact For: Alumni relations affairs and communication.

Mu: Steven Salvas '20
Contact For: All IM sports related activities.